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RiskScape outputs for the Vaisigano River catchment

PARTneR helps to secure US57 million for Samoa Disaster Risk Reduction.

During the first year of the PARTneR project the team were approached by the Government of Samoa with the hope that RiskScape could provide key evidence to support their Green Climate Fund (GDF) application. They asked the PARTneR team to produce a series of flood impact scenarios for the Vaisigano River. The team worked to adapt existing building asset data alongside multiple flood models for the area. The data was successfully analysed using the existing vulnerability models within RiskScape.

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New version of RiskScape

New Version of RiskScape is now Live!

RiskScape version 1.0, which is now available for download, has an improved user interface and map viewer, updated vulnerability models, flexible export options and other many other new features. For example, you can now run exposure analysis as well as more complex estimations of loss.

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Surveying Edgecumbe

Surveying Flood Damage in Edgecumbe

On 7 April 2017, the Rangitaiki River breached a stopbank at Edgecumbe. Over the next 48 hours, thousands of cubic meters of water flooded the township, inundating over 450 buildings.

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Partner project participants

PARTneR RiskScape and Data management

In May 2017, RiskScape training and data management workshops were carried out in both Samoa and Vanuatu as part of the 3 year NZ Aid funded Pacific Risk Tools for Resilience (PARTneR) project. NIWA facilitators led the trainings with support from the National Disaster Management Offices, Vanuatu Meteorology Department, GNS Science and SPC Geoscience colleagues.

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CDEM workshop 2017

National Emergency Management Conference 2017, RiskScape workshop

MCDEM recently held their annual National Emergency Management Conference, and on the last day (Friday 9 June), RiskScape was given the opportunity to host a workshop. The workshop had a great turn out with over 60 people participating, illustrating how the CDEM sector is increasingly recognising how valuable RiskScape is for calculating risk and impacts of natural hazards.

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pacific PARTneRs visit NZ

Pacific partners visit New Zealand

The RiskScape team were joined by two project coordinators in March earlier this year, Titimanu Simi from Samoa and Lopanga Yert from Vauautu. Titimanu and Lopanga travelled to New Zealand to take part in the Emergency Management summer institute run by Massey University. For Titimanu the institute highlighted, ‘the need to continue ongoing efforts with the mainstreaming of Disaster Risk Management to enhance collaboration between relevant stakeholders’.

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Vanuatu Training Workshop

RiskScape training in the Pacific Islands

May has been a busy month for the RiskScape team. RiskScape trainings were carried out in Samoa and Vanuatu. NIWA facilitators led the trainings with support from the national disaster management offices, GNS and SPC Geoscience colleagues. Over two days in each country, participants were introduced to the theory and practice of risk modelling tools. RiskScape was showcased and the participants were able to get hands on running country specific disaster scenarios. These trainings were part of a larger 3 year project called PARTneR funded by the NZ Aid partnership fund.

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Edgecumbe Town

Edgecumbe Flood Damage - John McNeill

NIWA and GNS scientists recently visited Edgecumbe to assess flood damage in the area. In this video, local resident John McNeill walks us through the destruction around his property.




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RiskScape product informs reinstatement of Kaikoura Inland Road

The M7.8 Kaikoura earthquake caused extensive damage to road networks in the Marlborough and Canterbury districts.  On the coast, SH1 was extensively damaged by large rockfalls, multiple fault ruptures and coastal uplift.  As of mid-December, SH1 access to Kaikoura is still not possible from either the north or south and the focus has been on the reinstatement of the inland road between Kaikoura and Waiau.

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RiskScape Damage State Working Group

The RiskScape Damage State Working Group (DSWG) was an interim group setup between July to October 2016.  The group was established following the Joint GNS-NIWA Biannual RiskScape meeting held in May 2016, and was comprised of RiskScape personnel from GNS and NIWA. The aim of the DSWG was to establish an agreed set of high-level multi-hazard consistent terms for building damage state levels to be implemented in RiskScape. You can view the activities and final outcomes of the DSWG using the following links:

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