Surveying Flood Damage in Edgecumbe

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Surveying Edgecumbe

Surveying Flood Damage in Edgecumbe

On 7 April 2017, the Rangitaiki River breached a stopbank at Edgecumbe. Over the next 48 hours, thousands of cubic meters of water flooded the township, inundating over 450 buildings.
A research team surveyed the flood hazard, building and infrastructure damage and residents’ responses to flood warnings. The data will be used to aid the development of vulnerability models that estimate building damage or financial loss from flood hazards. RiskScape loss models can support flood risk management decisions, such as the cost-benefit of raising stopbanks or building floor level heights to reduce damage in a flood event.  

Edgecumbe survey observations

  • Water levels inside buildings were up to 1.1m
  • RiskScape estimated building repair and disruption costs of NZD$19.6m for the 220 homes surveyed, just under NZD$90,000 per home.  
  • Component damage was 20% - 70% of building replacement costs
  • Average loss of contents was 60%
  • Resident evacuation times averaged 15 minutes or less
  • Particle board flooring was a key contributor to damage.

For more information, see the RiskScape website or contact Ryan Paulik, NIWA.