PARTneR helps to secure US57 million for Samoa Disaster Risk Reduction.

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RiskScape outputs for the Vaisigano River catchment

PARTneR helps to secure US57 million for Samoa Disaster Risk Reduction.

During the first year of the PARTneR project the team were approached by the Government of Samoa with the hope that RiskScape could provide key evidence to support their Green Climate Fund (GDF) application. They asked the PARTneR team to produce a series of flood impact scenarios for the Vaisigano River. The team worked to adapt existing building asset data alongside multiple flood models for the area. The data was successfully analysed using the existing vulnerability models within RiskScape. The results included the number of exposed buildings and people, as well as estimates of economic and human loss for each scenario. RiskScape estimated that without action to reduce risk at least 20,000 people are exposed to flooding, and for a single 1 in 100 year flood event estimated repair costs could be in the order of 247 million Tala. This understanding of impact would not have been possible without the use of RiskScape. The impact information enabled for the proposal team to estimate the cost benefit of different flood mitigation schemes and demonstrate to the importance of flood management for this catchment.

The proposal was successful and Samoa with UNDP have secured US57.7 million to implement an integrated flood management to enhance climate resilience of the Vaisigano River catchment.

This application demonstrates the potential impact of the case studies within PARTneR as well as future applications of the tailoured tool.

See Green Climate Fund Press release for more information

Figure 1: RiskScape outputs for the Vaisigano River catchment. Damage state for each building in the catchment during a 1 in 100 year flood event.