Pacific partners visit New Zealand

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pacific PARTneRs visit NZ

Pacific partners visit New Zealand

The RiskScape team were joined by two project coordinators in March earlier this year, Titimanu Simi from Samoa and Lopanga Yert from Vauautu. Titimanu and Lopanga travelled to New Zealand to take part in the Emergency Management summer institute run by Massey University. For Titimanu the institute highlighted, ‘the need to continue ongoing efforts with the mainstreaming of Disaster Risk Management to enhance collaboration between relevant stakeholders’.

Based at NIWA Wellington, Titimanu stayed 3 weeks after the course, taking part in a wider vocational training focused on the RiskScape tool and the underpinning research that supports the software.  Titimanu commented,

“it’s a powerful tool and it will certainly mean better informed decision-making."

Whilst in New Zealand Titimanu visited the GNS Office in Taupo along with ShengLin Lin (GNS Science) and Kate Crowley (NIWA) to learn more about current volcanic monitoring and early warning.

Titimanu will return to Samoa and lead the implementation of RiskScape in Samoa through PARTneR, a New Zealand Aid funded partnership project led by NIWA.

For more information about PARTneR please contact Kate Crowley ([email protected]).