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Step 1: Download RiskScape and install it

Get RiskScape

RiskScape can be installed on Windows, Linux/Unix and MaxOSX.

Visit the RiskScape Technical Wiki for help with installation

Note: Before you install a new or updated version of RiskScape, it is good practice to first uninstall any old versions. This is especially important when upgrading between major versions.

Windows 7 or newer.
MacOSX 1.8 or newer, any flavour of Linux/Unix.
A minimum of 4G memory.
If you are behind a corporate firewall, proxy information from your IT department.

Download the installer (.exe file) for 64 bits. Follow the installer instructions.

If you have administrative privileges on your computer you will be allowed to install RiskScape in C:\Program Files, otherwise the default will be your home directory.

Download the installer (.bin file) for 64  bits.

To unpack the distribution use the command:
>> sh riskscape-xxx.bin (where xxx stands for the version and bitness)

cd to the riskscape directory and run the file to get started.

Download the .dmg file. Click on the file to mount the image, then drag the RiskScape folder to your applications folder.  
If you set the shell scripts to open with Terminal you will be able to run them by clicking on them.
If not, you will have to run them from the command line.

On Windows use the uninstaller. On Mac OSX and *nix remove the RiskScape installation folder.

Step 2: Acessing the Software

The software is free for all users subject to agreement with the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Any data collected through registration will be stored securely and not shared with any other parties.

Step 3: Using RiskScape

We recommend that you refer to the extensive Riskscape technical wiki which will lead you through the software's modelling process. The wiki also offers information on installation, user guides, layers, troubleshooting, software development, our team and collaboration for prospective researchers.

RiskScape technical wiki


Check the knowledge base to see if anyone else has experienced the same difficulty. If there is no solution there then you might have found a bug. We are continually developing and improving RiskScape. If you find a bug preventing the software from working effectively on your PC, please report it immediately!

Report a bug

Step 4: Share your data

Sharing your data can improve RiskScape's accuracy for all users. 

RiskScape users can share any hazard exposure models, asset inventories and vulnerability models. These can then be converetd into RiskScape layers. The more of these datasets that are available in RiskScape, the more accurate RiskScapes impact and loss models become.

Please contact us if you have access to data that can be shared with the RiskScape program.