Canterbury Student RiskScape training

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UoC student training scenario results

Canterbury Student RiskScape training

Kate Crowley and Jade Arnold along with Matthew Hughes ran a pilot training session at the end of August for the future University of Canterbury RiskScape Training Hub. The 20 students that attended ran through 4 exercises exploring risk analysis, management and decision making. Feedback from 15 of the participants revealed some very positive results. 100% of the students agreed that the content was appropriate. Presenters and materials also scored favorably (~93% or more). 

The students are studying GIS For Disaster Risk Reduction and used their RiskScape tutorial results to create maps of hypothetical scenarios. An example of a comparison for a 100 year ARI storm surge is shown above for three scenarios of sea level rise from NIWA's climate change toolbox.

The RiskScape training Hub (UoC) is planning to run its first stand alone training session, lead by Matthew Hughes, mid 2018. This 1-2 day course will cater for University staff, post graduates and local practitioners.