About The Project

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The RiskScape programme was established to meet demand for a natural hazard impact and loss modelling tool designed for New Zealand conditions.

Early consultation with interested groups in New Zealand a need for a software tool that is:

•    affordable and not reliant on expensive software licenses
•    easy to learn and use
•    designed to be extended to suit a wide range of users, and
•    to include any natural hazard or asset.



Funding was secured from the Foundation of Research, Science and Technology (FRST, now part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) and work began on developing RiskScape in 2004, with an extensive proof of concept phase until 2008. Development of ‘fit for purpose’ software was initially founded on international tools such as HAZUS, then adapted and improved for New Zealand. 

In 2008 a panel of international experts provided a positive review of RiskScape, resulting in a further 8 years of funding from FRST for the programme to build on the proof of concept success.

RiskScape is a GNS and NIWA strategically funded programme. For more information about funding arrangements please contact us

This funding has provided for software system refinements and the distribution of a fully functioning tool to government, research and private sector users both in New Zealand and internationally.